How to start business in Poland without employees
and with small budget? Order in
the first steps on the Polish market.

Before you start a business in Poland, get a trusted domestic partner.

Are you wondering how to start selling your goods or services in a new European area?

Have you thought of hiring a remote employee?

You don’t need to have large company or a large partner to start working on finding new business areas.

Imagine that you can start gaining more opportunities now, in a new place for your goods and services.

We will be your first contact in Poland .

We will save your time and help you multiply your money on Polish ground.

Wirtualna asystentka

What we can do for you


Your agent, broker in Poland:

  • Searching for suppliers in Poland,
  • Searching for buyers and recipients in Poland,
  • Brokering the sale of goods in Poland,
  • Polish market research,

Polish customer service:

  • Operational service of your activity on the polish ground, e.g. online store service for polish customers,
  • Email correspondence with a polish customer
  • Taking care of your polish key client,
  • Coordination of events for Polish clients.

Trade support in Poland:

  • Commercial support in Poland,
  • Preparing and formation potential customer data base from Poland,
  • Creating pricing forms,
  • Preparing and sending offers to Polish clients,


  • Order processing,
  • Keeping records of movements of goods,
  • Supply planning,
  • Organization of transports,
  • Contact with freight forwarding,
  • Preparation of transport orders and other documents.
projektowanie graficzne

Graphic services:

  • Special for startups: naming, logo design, brand design
  • Corporate website design, e-commerce
  • Offline advertising
  • SEO, Google Ads, PPC campaigns
  • Social media management

Administrative support:

  • Operational service of your activity on the polish ground,
  • Preparation of letters, reports and summaries,
  • Keeping records,
  • Online invoicing,
  • Entering data into the system,
  • Simple translation EN → PL → EN,
  • Initial recruitment,
  • Arranging meetings.
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Get more each day in Poland.
Do what you do the best, let us do the rest!

Who we are?


Ewa – planner, organizer, coordinator. Responsible for the execution of orders.

Michał – Salesman. Creative, innovative, focused on custom solutions.

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